Low-Carbon-Blockchain: Low-Carbon Network  

Finding 1: Energy companies pay carbon tax
Finding 2: This does not reduce CO2
Finding 3: Citizens make efforts to reduce CO2, but it is not necessarily recognized or rewarded
Finding 4: Instead of paying the carbon tax to the state, it is better to pay citizens who make efforts to reduce CO2
Finding 5: It does not cost the company more
Finding 6: The citizen receives a reward     Finding 7: ESPECIALLY, we reduce CO2

The animators of the “Low-Carbon” network
The “Low-Carbon” members guarantee the functioning of the Blockchain and community animators.
Green-Member users use the app to reduce CO2 and receive rewards     Companies that adhere to this approach

Mobile app     Users: Registration of “Green-Member” with the use of a mobile application.
This application integrates different features “(pedometer, plotter …)
Member of the “Low-Carbon” community, responsible for Blockchain and registry management
Choice of the partner company by the Green-Member
Creating the impression
SmartContrat historical management of “Green-members”. Blockchain (searchable registry by all actors of the project
SmartContrat: Calculation of saved Co2 and won tokens     Transfer of the reward to the account of the “Green-Member”. (euros or cryptocurrency)


Java language
Server: http Apache
Blockchain: Spuro Platform Blockchain technology

Patented developpement with hte blockchain www.ledgerofproof.com